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Halloween 2024, 2025 and 2026

Halloween is an annual observance every 31 October in Singapore. It is not an official holiday, but it is an increasingly popular festive event. Though it has modern roots in American popular culture, Halloween’s true origins are in centuries old Celtic and Christian traditions.

202431 OctThuHalloween
202531 OctFriHalloween
202631 OctSatHalloween
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While Halloween has made a definite arrival here in Singapore, it has also had to undergo a few adjustments to the local culture and climate. Here are some of the most unique facets of Halloween as celebrated in Singapore.

First of all, carving pumpkins are expensive and hard to come by, therefore, you will see an abundance of plastic Jack-o-lanterns. If you are desperate for a true carving pumpkin, some grocery stores do import them this time of year.

Second, trick-or-treating hasn’t quite caught on yet in any large-scale way, but costumes have. And there is a definite tendency to dress up like TV stars and cartoon characters.

Third, a lot of events are put on by restaurants, resorts, and pop-culture establishments like Universal Studios. For example, there are pumpkin runs, Halloween Buffets, horror shops, public parties, and more put on by big players in the commercial sector. Home-based parties and fanfare are less emphasised here.

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202331 OctTueHalloween
202231 OctMonHalloween